a+bend press


Kathleen Fraser
20th Century
45 pages


from The Disappeared


entablature, missing elements, details
that found the architect's practice


a disappeared part spirit to doorway's cornice

column of all these unravelled cities

(client more than satisfactory and anyway we are
overwhelmed useless)

run-after city all this belonged to us...

we walked through the streets arm-in-arm


Kathleen Fraser's most recent books include il cuore: the heart, Selected Poems 1970-1995 (Wesleyan University Press, 1997), and WING (Em Press, 1995). Her book of essays, TRANSLATING THE UNSPEAKABLE, Poetry and the Innovative Necessity, was published in the spring of 2000 by the University of Alabama Press [Modern and Contemporary Poetics Series]. Fraser publishes and edits the on-line journal How2 an electronic extension of the '80s journal HOW(ever), focusing on innovative writing and scholarship by contemporary and modernist women writers.