a+bend press


Jerrold Shiroma
2 Poems
40 pages


from angle at which

what was lost as they wrote. first their steps came through the sounds, the movement of their bodies emptying that passage. thought descends. shook the table, plateau of the measuring of. diagrams of movement, of silence in particulars. parchment drawn from the sand. there appeared the images of the nameless. wordless they wandered among the undecipherable. the speechless. hieroglyphic becomings.

their mouths turned the color of theories. of language shaped, molded, cut from the objects of the undone.

Jerrold Shiroma was born and raised in San Diego. He is the editor of duration press, as well as the editor/webmaster for durationpress.com. He was recently awarded the Poetry Center's Academy of American Poets award. Work has appeared in Fourteen Hills and Inscape, and his chapbooks are untitled object (from Potes & Poets Press) and 2 poems from a+bend press.