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Fanny Howe
42 pages


The Children Turned

The children turned back to me
from eternity

uncertainly--notes a bird chipped off
natality repeating its stock

They were nearly human
And I was happy

to see a mouth in a face
not coldly attentive saying I think

but beings poured back
onto Baggage Street

each against the wall dreamily eating

Fanny Howe is both a poet and a writer of fiction. Her Selected Poems has just been published by University of California Press. Other books of poetry include One Crossed Out (Graywolf Press), The End (Littoral Books) and The Vineyard (Lost Roads). Her most recent novels, including Nod, which won a New American Writing Award in 1999, have been published by Sun & Moon Press. She has won two NEA awards, a California Council for the Arts award, and is a Fellow of the Bunting Institute. She teaches at UC San Diego.