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Jen Hofer
as far as
42 pages


"Hofer's cadence in these short blocks of text is sharp...sudden moments of incipience are like Oppen's...a book about distances, a book about measures..."

--Patrick Durgin, Poetry Project Newsletter, Oct/Nov 1999

our possible face

how amplifies the fog in
itinerate sway as flying
motive logic swells beneath

betwixt in unison shades of
green not to be mistaken for but
anchor to learn or least of all
hatchet in slim red metal

this is where the fun starts

sideways wind no friend to me &
scant lick unfallen cycle tablature.
revisit me & re:

ferry closer in sequence syncopation
with a tiny snap or a tiny nip hippily
sallying forth with leopard purse to
pursue not constancy but right or this
second exact to falsify documents with
fictions delicious. we say scant:

* *


Jen Hofer is a poet and translator originally from Berkeley. She is currently editing and translating an anthology of contemporary avant-garde poetry by Mexican women and writing a book-length collaborative work with the poet Summi Kaipa. Her poems and translations can be found in recent or shortly forthcoming issues of CHAIN, COMBO, EXPLOSIVE, FIVE FINGERS REVIEW, RHIZOME, and XCP.