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Rose Najia
Body Auguries
40 pages


"Here are fragile engravings/unfurled from a center--"

"...This means you are a word/and burst before you fall. You are a tongue/sprung open..."

from "Vermillion Diary"

There is more unwritten than written
a pressure of them
banked there
eat the string waiting
now but can't find the way
out -- but look, the mazed
hedge moves

Must everything written
be exclulded
Was the structure visible beneath feathers
Is it a seed for something else


Rose Najia internationally teaches collaborative improvisation and trains psychotherapists to use the arts for healing and community-building. Her non-fiction book, Holy Fools: Presence and Play has been published in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Najia's poetry can be found in New American Writing, lyric&, and Coracle.