a+bend press


Rachel Levitsky
34 pages


A mix of little lines and long lines that cross over each other in sentiment.
Conversational language and varying forms investigate the making of meaning and feeling.


We exchanged things, not money, both underfoot, another place, space, another country. Better food and manners, easier, on the eyes which do greet you as they meet you, in the room. Both of us bleeding, infected, inexplicably, in places that touch. Leaving me to crave this bad taste, while ashamedly turned off, dauntingly quick, and small. How foolishly I revealed that dream. No, not entered, occupied by forlorn desire, the assertion that better life is better left untrembled, unfettered. Most brave in this most touching epidemic of care...A riot. Of need, baby mice, solitary cricket (singing) the occasional frog clawed and pressed into. Savagery impresses me. I stare at their willingness to devour each other continuously upon the dim lit dirt, not a city but industry busy. Deaf from the activity. No unintended, untrained in avoidance by the eye which no longer looks for that thing, that promise of youth, but demands another, matte finish, the body underneath and pleased about it. In fact a terrifying position, separate and foreign. I'd rather sleep.


Rachel Levitsky is a poet and teacher from Brooklyn, New York. She is the author of three other chapbooks: 2(1x1) Portraits (Baksun Books, 1998); The Adventures of Yaya and Grace (Potes & Poets, 1999) & Cartographies of Error (Leroy, 1999).