a+bend press


Sarah Anne Cox
Definite Articles
41 pages


definite articles is a poetic exploration into language, the making and remaking of myth and history, and desire.

from "still/yet"

several beside the arcing wires of where all making, weak bearing weight for having eaten, we could count the practical, each story that no one quite takes on getting too stuck in the narrative of begin, a camp fire, the dark and then the arcing wires all quiet await the loop back to familiar

the anomaly of my disappearance in which the chaste have no hands, sorely and hewn from a sort of rawness, distinctly engendered and left out to dry a form of aging from the inside, coated metals or room temperature plastics form angles detect the center place

the open field except there is a truck swerving around meandering headlights flashing the up and down bumps so the open field has a truck on it, a partial view of the partial field where the truck must enter and act more than spilling dust and track

Sarah Anne Cox is the author of Home of Grammar (Double Lucy Books, 1997) and definite articles (a+bend press, 1999). Cox is an editor of Outlet magazine, and she also writes for and performs with the rock band dear mary,.