a+bend press


Lisa Jarnot
The Eightfold Path
12 pages


Jarnot's Buddhist-inspired poetic observations of urban life bring quiet rhythm to the often disparate, disjointed, loud and noisy New York City landscape.

Right Meditation

What thoughts I have tonight of you,
myself, with the razors in the bathroom
on the shelf beside the drugs inside the
rain, and the neighbors who are quiet
inside August in the courtyard in the place
where I have lived, with the cat upon the
windowsill who watches at the moon,
with the moon where it should be, near
the fifth floor there an up into the sky,
in the drift that is the color of the snow
across the surface of a lake inside my
head, talked to and speaking in return,
in this dream, obvious, in prophecy, with
life beyond the passage of the night.

Poet Lisa Jarnot lives in New York and is the author of The Eightfold Path (a+bend press, 2000), Heliopolis (rem press, 1998), Sea Lyrics (Soho Letter Press, 1996), and Some Other Kind of Mission (Burning Deck, 1996). Her second full-length collection of poems, Ring of Fire, is from Zoland Books; and she is currently writing a biography of Robert Duncan.