a+bend press


Avery E.D. Burns
Ekistic Displays
32 pages


city 'auctoritas'
italic troubles, a war of sorts

chickens peck dust
shadowy embodiment

this or that can't be trusted to swine

delight is as mud
the slippery slope to here

basis of government
basis of m(ire)


A former lifeguard, Avery E.D. Burns is an open-water swimmer currently contemplating swimming Alcatraz and the Golden Gate on the same weekend. His book The Idler Wheel is from Manifest Press. Poems from this work have appeared in Inscape, Kenning, Ribot, and Syllogism; and in an interview by Sarah Rosenthal at BayAreaCitySearch's Local Howler column. Avery edits the magazine lyric& and runs the Canessa Park Reading Series in S.F.