a+bend press


Elizabeth Treadwell
Eve Doe: Prior to Landscape
42 pages


This chapbook is part of Treadwell's ongoing Eve Doe project, the first installment of which appeared as the chapbook Eve Doe (becoming an epic poem) (Double Lucy Books, 1997).


embarking unknown slyly destitute
take & feed (me) nowadays
in pillared entry
sanctify remark
for hopeless am not
crinoline despite                                     Sophia the builder of ancient meal,
tableaux & harmonica           withdraws the templed timorous knee-deep in care of
ill children            lean toward each vertebrate, & lineage       reduce the cage of
queerly sugar these vague entreaties           on the dallied side of grace             link
not (x) fortune to shy (sly) carnival                          redo the undone 
cache            we ask this gently       of our dear Queen


Elizabeth Treadwell is the author of Populace (Avec Books, 1999); Eleanor Ramsey: the Queen of Cups (San Francisco State University, 1997); and four chapbooks, including Eve Doe (Prior to Landscape) (a+bend press, 1999). Treadwell also edits Outlet magazine and Double Lucy Books in Berkeley, CA.