a+bend press


Mark Salerno
For Revery
29 pages



Occasionally I have seen something
that had some quality I had forgotten
that moonful glow through the transom
having fun beside the brickout where
memory conjugates time and throws off
the syncopation slightly so you adjust
your medical legwear to whatever is
bled off whatever one could least afford
to lose and it has a face or is a photograph
or the woman you watch on Channel 7
the one who looks like your first wife
there's another glow for you for this
call it longing it has a liquid sound
occasionally and more who could ask for.


Originally from New York, Poet Mark Salerno lives in Hollywood, where he edits the literary journal Arshile and teaches English. Recently he lectured on poetry and poetics and read his work at The Lacoste School of the Arts in Provence. His work can be found in many journals, including apex of the M, Chicago Review, Exquisite Corpse, and First Intensity; his full-length poetry collection is Hate (96 Tears Press, 1995), & For Revery (a+bend press, 2000).