a+bend press


Nicole Brodsky
22 pages



if it be natural
is a real Beauty

playing on the same letter
or, rather, the same sound

a system of writing in which
a system of dots, dashes and spaces

Braille says to Morse: dot
Morse answers Braille: space

the signal sounds read by touch
answered by alphabets of notes
one rhyming with the other

the memory of string on finger
to be marked

by any smallish glyph, a glyph, again
finger and a word for this

words, the callused hands of love to kiss
the dusty bones of love to play

to read the face of music
read to me again

sing again

Born and raised in Florida, Nicole Brodsky currently lives and teaches in San Francisco. Her work has appeared in Arshile, Crack, Coracle, Fourteen Hills, and Transfer; and her first book, getting word, received the 1998 Michael Rubin Award. When Nicole is not writing about herself in her poetry and bios, she tries writing songs on her guitar, which are, of course, about her.