a+bend press


Peter Neufeld
The Glass Owl
34 pages


from Music for the Man Who Enjoys Hamlet

today it was all secrets
and trade and memos and frankly

I'm done with it--difficult to recognize
the new faces magazines gave us

much grown since the spring
her mother asks

will she be as tall as a man?
I think she will

or rather taller--it was sold
as unpolitical country

all farm houses
and wooden bridges

brooks for bending
the glass owl glides

shattering into evening


Recently of San Francisco, and now of New York City, Peter Neufeld is a co-founder of meldoeon poetry systems--a small press focusing on emerging, experimental writers--which he co-edits with Eric Frost. Neufeld has recent work appearing or forthcoming in Chain, Lipstick 11, and Mungo vs. Ranger.