a+bend press


Beth Murray
Hope Eternity Seen on the
Hip of a Rabbit
36 pages


from "Electricity, the Brush of Arctic"

How does the shuffling when over the water
who in his final minutes walked a figure-eight in the blizzard?
Solitary people freeze in a ball;
how does one argue for a curtain in
their vernacular pressure:
planking each word over the ravine he
stretched, looking into mittens
guarded who with his feet
circling as they do,
sewing a sleeve and his hands
taking turns



Originally from the Midwest, Beth Murray now lives in San Jose, CA. Her writing can be found in many journals, including Fence, Kenning, Mirage #4/Period(ical), No Roses Review, Tinfish, and Volt, and her chapbooks are Hope Eternity Seen on the Hip of a Rabbit (a+bend press, 2000); Into the Salt (Lucinda, 1997); and Spell (Lucinda, 1999). With David Larsen, she co-edits the San Jose Manual of Style.