a+bend press


Robin Tremblay-McGaw
making mARKs
44 pages



you've taught the baby


this is a greeting
call & response


you must think now I know what I'm doing


erasure at the site
of who one is

catnip snacks
knit mice are more popular now
brightly colored commerce working

a living room that smells of money (wINK)
you know
as a matter, no

as the end comes
we're inside out

my clIT calling day o

what are the implications of a radiant
convergence of inFORMation and aesthetics

contemporary carnival of grotesque tolly
the mark up's double

kitties danglING
plane overhead
voices at tHE countER


Originally from New Hampshire, Robin Tremblay-McGaw lives in San Francisco. She has worked as a rape crisis counselor, waitress, gas station attendant, English teacher, bookstore clerk, and library assistant. Currently she is the Information Services Director and Web Master at a nonprofit working on gun control. Robin co-edits Lipstick 11 with Kathy Lou Schultz and Jim Brashear; and she co-edited, with Kathy Lou Schultz, the forum on Class & Innovative Writing for HOW2, September 1999. Recent work is in Five Fingers Review, HOW2, and Outlet; and her chapbooks are after a grand collage (Dyad Press, 1996) and making mARKs.