a+bend press


Brian Strang
movement in avenues in rows
32 pages


An exploration of spaces, both within and without: what fills them, and how they are empty...poems of pairings and oppositions, distance and desire, tension and cohesion.


in the ground

you might blow over the tops of blades

across the hall the city
the other

a different context
rivers gulch

the catch

a couple walks

a new city
appears for them

see who they


if left behind

Brian Strang has work published or forthcoming in journals including Angle, Itsynccast, Kenning, Lipstick 11, lyric&, Rhizome, Tool, and Tripwire. His first chapbook is Movement of Avenues in Rows (a+bend press, 2000); and his second, A Draft of L Cavatinas (Letters to Ez), is from Potes and Poets. Strang lives in San Francisco and teaches English composition at San Francisco State University.