a+bend press


Martha Ronk
36 pages


Falling Asleep

In the time it takes to fall asleep in unfamiliar surroundings
and given again the presence of a stranger in our midst
which of course oughtn't to unsettle the arrangements of anything
more or less nailed down or heavy enough to shove against the door
in case of incursions and alterations in the perplexities
of why he isn't speaking to me or if he had mailed it off
as he turned his back on the one who was walking by
in a rage that in the space of a minute and given the open fields
there might be anyone in her narrow range of vision at all.


Poet Martha Ronk is the author of several books, most recently Eyetrouble (Georgia University Press, 1998) and State of Mind (Sun & Moon, 1995). Otherchapbooks include Allegories with the artist Tom Wudl (ML&NLF, Italy, 1998) and Emblems (Instress Press, 1998). Displeasures of the Table, a fictional memoir, appeared from Green Integer in 2001. Ronk lives in Los Angeles, where she is one of the editors of Littoral Books, a press dedicated to publishing experimental poetry; and she teaches English at Occidental College, specializing in Creative Writing and Shakespeare.