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Dana Teen Lomax
20 pages


Writing teacher, artist-in-residence, bodyboarder, and award-winning writer Dana Teen Lomax has been published in Coracle, Inscape, Outlet, The SF Bay Guardian, Transfer 76, Tripwire, and yefief. Lomax, who lives in Pacifica, CA, also produces and acts in LINK, an event featuring experimental and collaborative performance.

"reach in sleep/night drawn tree/length of a hand/carving the coastline"
-- A series of moments and movements recorded in briefest verse and larger passages

luster arc of a foot in soft dust smoke as the ball hits the warmth earth where meeting flesh step after the wait bones rub together the way dirt narrows the field near water walking time spendscoring memory of what to be our identity and no time shine luster of love but ending this room waves striking the door tips and crests lit by autumn from the drawn tight blinds and winter well on its here and the window stained with something like breath