a+bend press


Jenna Roper Harmon
Saying No. 3
40 pages


"we crowd around one another/waiting for the stories/to become ours"

These quiet poems shift between historical and individual memory, creating something larger than either alone.


how to confront spiritual despair
with spirit misrepresented

iconography placates terror
perhaps you have reached the ocean

water recovered your memory
intact you float

crumbling spirit devoured
portioned away in tiny bellies

among the rocks of earth
where hope,   divinity pushed out

systematically hungry
was god surprised to see you

standing     demanding room
tectonic plates must have pulled away

to allow your suffering
  silent tier in the earth

Poet Jenna Roper Harmon has recently and temporarily returned to her home state of Texas, where she is teaching ESL and writing. Her poems can be found in a variety of publications including Angle, lyric&, and Prosodia.