a+bend press


Sarah Rosenthal
43 pages


from "i-iv"



words to the effect of, i am a woman with strong appetites

(her father dies now or earlier)

or i'm reading later, not yet


her father dies in steamboat springs

1977 changed a diaper

1973 entered the wrong room


(nr. pt. reyes) (nr. big sur)


we're watching kids, shallows

this is not yet

Sarah Rosenthal is the author of not-chicago (melodeon, 1998). Sarah grew up in Chicago and for the past 18 years has lived in San Francisco, where she teaches creative writing and works as an editor and freelance writer. Her online column about Bay Area poets, "Local Howlers," can be found at bayarea.citysearch.com. She is currently working on a new book of poems entitled review.