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Susan Gevirtz
Myung Mi Kim
14 pages


Before the careful--as collection, fall out, letter about letter, upon letter. Ode to transportation: what is the disappearance and reappearance of time? De-fuse the notion of a subject (of the letter) and replace it with the notion of a recipient. The relation (transportation) is in the continual arrival. Here is the disappearance and reappearance of time. The time of writing unhinged from the time-telos of publishing. Off paper the sent continues. Dream of casting: Spelt. Tracking of intention. The time it occurs in is the nature of accountability. Form of the time of the house that isn't anything yet but motion.


To come into the recognition of these "exchanges" as--letter making, as--what is in the act of corresponding. Interposed between articulation and motion. What they allowed, tracked, indicated about permeability of address--the possibility of sounding lived time. A transport. An instance of recognition, of conversation. Spelt, lettered--by speed, by a writing that begins as it is written. A time of writing as a time of reception. Relativizing.


Susan Gevirtz is the author of Linen Minus (Avenue B) & Black Box Cutaway.

Myung Mi Kim is the author of Under Flag (Kelsey St., The Bounty (Chax Press), & Dura (Sun & Moon).