a+bend press


Standard Schaefer
Waltzing the Map
25 pages


"a flurry of specifics scribbled in the margins" "The first incision--" "the indelible distance" "but always circling back to the question"


no, smoke

but I appraoch as an equal,
three miles, all mountain

set on devouring
if not the setting, then certain accommodations

modestly burnt off--

the marine layer
and the alleged force of beautiful things

a visual discourse suppressed by the frivolous
refolds as geological upheaval

voiciferous shafts of light above all

a burdened archipelago
of bad optionss and enthusiasm

not quite wavering between not quite nowhere

and not quite with nowhere left to go

Originally from Texas, Standard Schaefer now resides in Los Angeles, where he co-edits Rhizome and Ribot. His first full-length book, Nova, won the 1999 National Poetry Series, and was published by Sun & Moon Press.