duration press -- international poetry

Code of Signals


Wells, Rachel Blau DuPlessis

To Speak While Dreaming, Eleni Sikelianos

poetics of the exclamation point, Eleni Sikelianos

The Fifth Season, Pierre Joris

It's Alive She Says, Cole Swensen

Mace Hill Remap, Norma Cole

Figures for a Hypothesis, Mark McMorris

Man's Wows, Jesse Glass

Nuclear, Juliana Spahr

Lawn of Exlcuded Middle, Rosmarie Waldrop

The Garden of Effort, Keith Waldrop

Domino: point of entry, Susan Gevirtz

Tyuonyi: Violence of the White Page, Contemporary French Poetry

Pollux, Pam Rehm

Wale; or The Corse, Elena Rivera

Mooon Bok: petition, invocation & homage, Michael Basinski

...As Convenience, Peter Ganick

And so on, Patrick Durgin