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Anne-Marie Albiach

Anne-Marie Albiach is the author of État (Mercure de France, 1971; English translation by Keith Waldrop, Awede, 1988), Mezza Voce (Flammarion, 1984; English translation by Joseph Simas, with Anthony Barrett, Lydia Davis & Douglas Oliver, The Post-Apollo Press, 1988), A Geometry (translated by Keith & Rosmarie Waldrop, Burning Deck, 1998), & A Discursive, Space: Interviews with Jean Daive (translated by Norma Cole, Duration Press, 1999). With Claude Royet-Journoud & Michel Courturier, she edited the journal Siècle à mains, where her seminal translation of Zukofsky's "A-9" first appeared.


"A Small Boat is Burning on the Banks of the Port" (in Violence of the White Page)