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A balanced selection


It is the nature of things to believe
in some if-then in situ adjoining faith
and philosoph. A solution terrifies the surface
on which writing rests, as though
melting would not condemn the twig
to reference, to object taken up and assessed.
And as questioning is added to my list
of questions the room spins to a halt, the surface
brings up childhood, the song helps us launch
collective enterprise. Working
to establish rational discourse rather than
a supreme model was behind all effort.
We forgave ourselves for our livelihood
when the table turned into a campfire and our tales
grew fantastic, tearing up comic books to feed it
and listening without learning a single lyric.
Flattery may get you somewhere after all.
It appears to proceed according to the odds
of winning the lottery in one state,
to etched-out patterns in another, wavy lines
on a topographical map echoing breath.
Yet my query about daylight savings time
goes unremarked day in and out, perhaps due
to a memory of highway noise
heard from a house above its flow.
If the hills do change color in place of the leaves
then departure will be easier than not showing up
to begin with. Ignoring the problem of intrinsic sense
leads to lewd description of real life,
entwined with a refusal to titillate. Broken into sublaws
that allow a cathedral to be built, the workings
of humanity at first appear coincidental, then hike up
in price past dealership. The break between evolution
and standing reverent may be what has made us human,
some music-like phrase underlying limb from limb
a grasping beauty. It gives a greeting unchanged
by societal position, in a voice that cracks
according to what is inherited rather
than environment. Paradise has reopened its portals
just in time to avoid sin, but will close on the rational mind.