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Olivier Cadiot

Olivier Cadiot founded, with Pierre Alferi, Revue de littérature générale. He is the author of Sept détails assez lents (Quiffi & ffluk, 1983), Le dernier des Mohicans (Quiffi & ffluk, 1983), L'art poétic' (P.O.L., 1988; translated by Cole Swensen as Art Poetic', Green Integer, 1999), Rouge, vert & noir (Block, 1989; translated by Charles Bernstein & Olivier Cadiot as Red, Green & Black, Potes & Poets, 1990), Futur, ancien, fugitif (P.O.L., 1993), & Les Colonel Zouaves (P.O.L., 1997). A collaboration with Pierre Alferi was published in 99 Poets/1999: An International Poetics Symposium (ed. Charles Bernstein, published as a special issue of boundary2, 1999).


An Extraordinary Adventure, Who is an Adventure Extraordinaire (in Violence of the White Page)