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Could it be that the woman sitting next to you is a terrorist? She doesn't seem to know where she lives, immediately names a different district after discovering you are familiar with that city, in fact once lived there too.
     Perhaps, though, she is merely embarking on an affair, since she repeatedly says how much she loves her husband, wishes he were here, and mumbles something about meeting a woman friend in another country. The lady doth protest too much, you think while sipping your champagne-and the woman, who refused all alcoholic beverages, drinks some herbal tincture she has pulled from her purse, and shudders. Is the concoction something to give her the courage to annihilate the plane-or to enable her to anticipate, without guilt, the rendezvous with her lover?
     It would be a shame if the plane is to be blown up and you were to lose your life, for although not young, you are not old either, and as tedious as your life can be sometimes, you have no desire for it to end within the next few hours.
     If you keep on in this way you will seriously begin thinking the end is imminent, begin to analyze whether you have done enough, have done the right things. What you have not done will come crashing down on you, and just now, on an all-night flight sitting next to a woman of dubious identity and intention this does not seem a good idea. You have another glass of champagne, let your mind curl around random thoughts, which eventually abstract enough to resemble white noise, and after a long while are able to doze and lightly dream.