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If you were to start screaming would it be a problem? If you collapsed with fatigue, or simply slid down the side of a building to relieve the pressure on your blistered feet, and sat on the street with your legs pointing in front of you like two straight lines, would the throng merely step over your body, keep moving toward its destination?
     Your movements do not fit into this environment. It is quite possible you could injure someone by suddenly moving an arm or hand and accidentally poking or elbowing someone in the eye-or by changing the position of your shoulder bag, inadvertently whacking someone in the testicles-or you could topple down an escalator, the force of your fall causing several people to plunge along with you.
     The gestures of those who live here are cramped, pared down. Over time they must have pulled themselves in, become constricted in order to move without altercation.