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Norma Cole

Norma Cole is the author of Mace Hill Remap (Moving Letters, 1988), Metamorphopsia (Poets & Poets, 1988), My Bird Book (Littoral, 1991), Mars (Listening Chamber, 1994), Moira (O Books, 1995), Contrafact (Poets & Poets, 1996), Desire & its Double (Instress, 1998), The Vulgar Tongue (a+bend, 2000), & Spinoza in Her Youth (Omnidawn, 2002). She has also translated It Then, by Danielle Collobert (O Books, 1989), & Emmanuel Hocquard's This Story is Mine: Little Autobiographical Dictionary of Elegy (Instress, 1999), & edited and translated Crosscut Universe, an anthology of poetry / poetics by contemporary French writers (Burning Deck, 2000).

She lives in San Francisco.



Mace Hill Remap (via the out of print archive @ Duration)


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