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Patrick Durgin

Patrick F. Durgin is the author of Pundits Scribes Pupils (Potes & Poets, 1998), And so on (Texture Press, 1999), Sorter (Duration Press, 2001), Color Music (Cuneiform Press, 2002), Imitation Poems (Atticus / Finch, 2006), and The Route (with Jen Hofer, Atelos, 2007-8). His poetry and critical writings have appeared in numerous small-press periodicals since the late 90's, including 26, Aerial, Aufgabe, Chain, Chicago Review, Crayon, The Poetry Project Newsletter, Rain Taxi Review of Books, and Tinfish. Durgin has published / presented articles and interviews on / with poets such as Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Dominique Fourcade, Lyn Hejinian, Andrew Levy, Nathaniel Mackey, Jackson Mac Low, Eileen Myles, Douglas Oliver, James Schuyler, Rod Smith, Lorenzo Thomas, and Hannah Weiner and translated excerpts of the French poet Jérôme Bertin's long work, "x.x.n". He is editor and publisher of Kenning Editions and maintains the site www.da-crouton.com


To My Imitators

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