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Rodrigo Garcia Lopes

Rodrigo Garcia Lopes was born in Brazil. He has worked as a journalist for several Brazilian newspapers.From 1990 to 1992 he lived in the U.S, where completed his M.A. thesis on William Burroughs: "A Literary 'High': Language and Intertextuality in the Works of William S. Burroughs" (1992). At the same time, he gathered 19 interviews with American poets, writers, artists and critics (such as John Ashbery, William Burroughs, Marjorie Perloff, Allen Ginsberg, Nam June Paik, Charles Bernstein and John Cage) for his book Vozes & Visões: Panorama da Arte e Cultura Norte Americanas Hoje (published by Editora Iluminuras in 1996). In 1994 he released his first collection of poems, Solarium (poems 1984-1994), as well as a new translation of Arthur Rimbaud’s Illuminations - Painted Plates (also by Iluminuras). Last year, Sette Letras publishing house (from Rio de Janeiro) released his second book of poems, Visibilia. He has translated poems by Pound, Williams, Creeley, Stein, Shiki, Laura Riding, Snyder, Ashbery, Beckett, and Jerome Rothenberg.

His work appears in several anthologies of contemporary Brazilian poetry, such as Artes e Ofícios da Poesia (1991), Outras Praias/Other Shores (1998) and Esses Poetas (1998). With a CAPES scholarship, he is currently doing research for his doctoral thesis on the poetry of Laura Riding at Arizona State University, while also preparing a new book of poems, Polivox. He is one of the editors of the Brazilian poetry and art magazine Medusa, & is working on another new book of interviews with contemporary American poets.


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