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Commentaries 1 & 2


The slow process of judgement

owl into mouse

crab into scorpion

suffering &/or joy

cut off telephone service

cut up a pig

with a few stinging rebukes

however much they mean

gorge on salt


spot. spot.

spot another.

after that’s over

kill a flea

with a hammer

then build your "dream house."

sons of click & falter

((Look! Look! I got

killed! (Pre-

tending to collapse.) Now

do you understand?)) Louse-

crafted ball o' dung

"don’t keep worries to yourself"

the eyes:

shoot the mutilations


tiny proscenium arches



we start by mapping

believing that nothing is,

a 24 inch by 7 inch box

lined w/corrugated soundproofing

the same initiation is found among

the Tungus


some appear like horses with men’s heads

you will undoubtedly note

unless you get too frightened

you are now not powerful

sifter of the lower heaven

explosions shake the narrow tunnels

north of Bogota

incursion of the Squared Circle

"in kindness"

not quantity


Prince of Corruption meet

the Virgin of Carmen

conical bread?

game board?

beer jug?

milk in a sling?

drill for starting fires?

why do we tell lies?


pinhole camera

(you numberless infinities!)

dog won’t bark

cat won’t hiss

flare of a match

emphasize this brevity

& yes I’ll sing for yoooooou

but I won’t die for yoooooou

abundant tension

in this land of apocalypse

licentious Gnostics

probable fellatio


on statues

magnified papercuts

tumors & moistenings

raining from lexicons

compare these photographs