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Emmanuel Hocquard

Emmanuel Hocquard was born in 1940 & grew up in Tangiers. He is the author of, in English, Aerea in the Forests of Manhattan (translated by Lydia Davis, The Marlboro Press, 1992), Theory of Tables (translated by Michael Palmer, o-blek editions, 1994), This Story Is Mine: Little Autobiographical Dictionary of Elegy (translated by Norma Cole, Instress, 1999), A Test of Solutide: Sonnets (translated by Rosmarie Waldrop, Burning Deck, 2000) & Personae (Duration Press, 2000). He has also translated the work of Charles Reznikoff, Paul Auster, Michael Palmer, & Benjamin Hollander into French, & he is a director of Un bureau sur l'Atlantique, which serves as an association to further relationships between French & American poets.

Work @ duration:

Conversation with Claude Royet-Journoud (in Code of Signals)

from A Test of Solitude: Sonnets (translated by Rosmarie Waldrop)