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27 Plans

                                                                                                    If the
                    evaluation reveals a deficiency or fault in the
                    knowledge or performances on which the
                    present lesson is predicated, it must be cor-
                    rected before a new lesson can begin.

                              On the other hand,

                              the craving for a strong faith is no proof of a strong faith.
                    If deficiencies or faults not associated with the
                    present lesson are revealed, they should
                    be carefully noted and pointed out. Such
                    corrective measures as are practicable within
                    the limitations of the situation should be
                    taken immediately, but more thorough reme-
                    dial actions must be included in the future.

                              If, then, the consequences are not what you expected, you,
                              by being half-drowned,
                              made possible the freeing of the hands for the sole job of manipulation