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Anselm Hollo

Anselm Hollo was born in Helsinki, Finland, and was educated there and in the U.S. (senior year in high school on an exchange scholarship). In his early twenties, he left Finland to live and work as a writer and translator, first in Germany and Austria, then in London, where he was employed by the BBC's European Services in their Finnish Program from 1958 to 1967.

For the last thirty-two years, Hollo has lived in the United States, teaching creative writing and literary translation at numerous colleges and universities, including SUNY Buffalo, The University of Iowa, New College in San Francisco, and The University of Colorado. He has read his work, lectured, and conducted workshops at many universities and colleges, art museums and galleries, literary conferences, coffeehouses, and living rooms.

He is now an Associate Professor in the Graduate Writing and Poetics Department at The Naropa Institute, a Buddhist-inspired nonsectarian liberal arts college in Boulder, Colorado, where he and his wife, painter, assemblagist, and book artist Jane Dalrymple-Hollo, make their home.

Hollo has published more than thirty-five books and chapbooks of his poetry, most recently CORVUS (Minneapolis: Coffee House Press, 1995), AHOE: And How On Earth (Erie CO: Smokeproof Press, 1997), and AHOE 2: Johnny Cash Writes a Letter to Santa Claus (Writers Forum: London, 1998). A collection of prose writings, CAWS & CAUSERIES: Around Poetry and Poets is from La Alameda Press / University of New Mexico Press.

Hollo's poetry has been widely anthologized, and some of it has been translated into Finnish, French, German, Swedish, and Hungarian.


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