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Suddenly, Last Summer

Sun worshipper I, in the absence of the sun, in the
things I don't remember, the unfriendliness of night,
the neon night and blue blue night, the creatures
on the beach,

Suddenly, to remember the sun and all the creatures
on the beach, suddenly to remember the sun and little
sunstroked turtles, suddenly the neon night surrounding
little turtles all surrounded by the night upon the turtles
on the beach,

Sea creatures and mergansers, the blue blue night,
the turtles on the beach all worshipping Apollo, suddenly
I am thrown into your library, never to be what I was
before, surrounded by a tiny light inside the dark and
clutching little turtles,

Go back upon the beach and remember the sun, suddenly,
surrounded by neon, go back, go back to the beach and
worship it, go back to what I was before, a worshipper
upon the beach, Apollo's, in the lavender, beside mergansers
at the sea's night shore.