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Jeffrey Jullich

Jeffrey Jullich's poetry has been published in Shiny, Tyuonyi, Caliban, Pavement (Univ. of Iowa), ACM (Another Chicago Magazine), Poetry, College English (editor: James Tate), etc. He has work forthcoming in Lit (New School), with book reviews to appear in Rhizome. He is the former horoscope columnist for VICE magazine, and was also librettist for an opera called American Lit: Queer Theory (The Hawthorne-Melville Correspondence), which premiered at American Opera Projects.

He also has a poem on Peter Ganick's e-zine POTEPOETZINE, and eleven previously published poems are available at the e-anthology Co-Conspirators.



Sympathy Prize

A Perfect Likeness


Countless Commandments

You And Your Mouth