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Winter crows walking a moving landscape

Summer buck walks with face to side

Lifting its tail the earth darkens spring sparrow

Fallen bamboo leaves all capsize in the same place

Strength of frost longing for people one fails

The body's existence drags on baby's breath

Daphne odora Gods that enter one body

Pity the ancestors cover in ice candy out the tongue

The sleeve's root diamond cold

To look at a pine is to look at a woman spring rain

To look at woman's flesh is to look at a pine autumn rain

Make love to a woman scent of empty sky

The pain of flower-viewing is in the body in the flower

A last chrysanthemum plays in the world's machinations

A winter day appears at the grave of one gone

Laughing frost bite it a raw plant (basho)
Bite through the frost of laughter and there's a raw banana plant

Field of frost I a youth of eighty

Autumn rain gives to me I am
(The autumn rain bestows upon me my existence)

Excessive whiteness of white plum its overflow of life in me
White spaces on white plum what remains of life for me
White spaces left blank on the white plum what remains of my life

Spring's morning twilight moves over both shores... is gone

Spring wind with red snappers none other than a group of fisherwomen
Spring wind with red snappers a school of fisherwomen

translated by Eric Selland