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Keith Waldrop

Keith Waldrop is the author of numerous books of poetry, & has translated the work of Claude Royet-Journoud, Anne Marie-Albiach, & Edmond Jabès among others. He is, along with Rosmarie Waldrop, editor & publisher of Burning Deck Press. His Publications include Hegel's Family (Station Hill, 1989), Shipwreck In Haven (Awede, 1989), The Opposite of Letting the Mind Wander (Lost Roads, 1990), Light While There is Light (Sun & Moon, 1993), The Locality Principle (Avec, 1995), The Silhouette of the Bridge (Memory Stand-Ins) (Avec, 1997), Stone Angels (Instress, 1997), Well Well Reality (Collaborations with Rosmarie Waldrop) (The Post-Apollo Press, 1998), Haunt (Instance, 2000), & Seriamis If I Remember (Avec, 2001).

He lives in Providence & teaches at Brown University.


A Turning Road

Eccentric Portrait

Lad's Tin Hero


The Garden of Effort (via the out of print archive)