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The Second Declaration of Havana

Saint - /inflected solo
Mingus "Folk Forms"
protoplasm "race soul"
set singing phonologos
calls and response proto
col play back "ought to
have been there" inter
phallic fluid typeset
sonic interlocution slow
motion slammer Spam
balladic interventionist
aesthetics "realness"
rhymes like "grace"/"place"
analystic vigilance
epic-making machismo
" hard focus listening"
The social work lore
This public poetics
amber ebbed embed
demotic Apocrypha

under one roof
espiritismo de
cordon concrete
floor, steel beam
stucco blue turquoise
Ché on poster cactus
shrubbery another
tradition around a
table bumpy road
(dirt) yellow-white
experience my today
convocation ceremony
prayer sitting floor
invoke the ancestor
singing bring flowers
inmy little boat
with my honor
chant-song steel pot
spiritual stuff to raise
celebrate white color
flowers sunflower yellow
food for Orisha / pot
good spirits sun think
sun morning ceramic red-
yellow paint wood four
pieces of coconut shells
in process to encourage
spirit to come (may ask
questions of us) chanting
singing sitting standing
altar woman in turquoise
and blue appears voice
harsh hampered rapid speech
appears to be prophesying
woman shouting loudly
I shit on God a possession
going on woman falls
out half way in house
curtain / woman on floor
crawling on floor stomach
down chanting gutteral
rolling her shaking her
physical stand shaking
bending down shaking
arms snapping her arm
let's see enthusiastically
visible time wrote note
after turbulent man/woman
kicked legs up side foot
to foot no siento woman
laughed hands faced up
palm up respect for Orisha
not pure Spanish inhabited
why can't speak Portugese
he said she said spirit only
able she falls forward lays
down prostrate blesses her
(ochun--) dogs not afraid
everything okay find out
if they knew who is coming
Ochún history still unsure
why speaking in Arabic as
inside she's wearing gray
fleece emblem swoosh turn
around said had bad cloudy
future world need to clean
down my pathway my study
lute it hasn't been easy for
you broke legs to keep hope
this ritual was real and not
memorex woman ancestor
dead person said okay cannot be
answer: private depends on
person not clear after weeks
of ancient ancestor and Orisha
muerto hierarchy interjected
mother-brother no head how
long Yoruba Islam Brazil Arabic
is not static this was a show
he denied also he stated he
agreed it was too pat any true
representations yet if her trip
I just cancelled my trip to Brazil
apprentice to him in his home
my myth unfolding in front of
my eyes a physical material way
to worship a doorway to enter
material / physical expression
guide me with his fingertips
exudes wisdom, kindness, justness
déjalo ir (let go) déjalo a Dios
she has lost her objectivity
1868 asepedes rang bill Baymo
Umbanda also do the two
a practice in Brazil African
crossroads songs last night
the spirit of a Blk slave woman
who could not speak language
spirits lie don't lose human
faults condoBley who return
they possess all in condoBley
head priest like horses doing
doctors in Brazil done doesn't
the center today much more
belief spirit prostrated it like
beneath the earth when lie
on around or honoring his
ancestor as exactly that lie
on ground to honor ancestor
small incident last night
a person standing outside
window called and turn to talk to me
gave me a message when he
back to Brazil make offering
ask if real for no don't have
prophetlike every everywhere
Q's in Congo guy with glasses
they practice both, yes, okay,
not pure asalamalckim Allah
in certain Banto songs origins
in Buto Arab invasion into Africa
before Europe conflict between
Yoruba and Arabs Butos more
southern God1000 yr for an
imbudz ceremony cleansing
one's house in Brazil umbuda
high yellow espiritismo day
folklore traditions oriba ceiba
may be sacred tree José Martín
dimensions photography fine
art masks Asian influence in
masks Liliam Manso Muñoz
(Lily) calle drumming taught
not at school taught at home
Oyú (name of a group) eyes
of a shango=oyú yemaya dance
elleouz is trickster crossroads
with Blk and red-red birds
turquoise and yellow it is too
repetitive I could have stopped
three days ago I am at a cross
roads don't trust the vibes
she is always performing
she is on stage I don't understand
her objectivity foreign aspects
ornamental structure of culture
these altars remind me of USA
christian church pulpits I have
taken a photo of the espiritismo
just about everyone claims to
be of African ancestry even if
they look mixed blood even if
they look indigenous or white
the features of latinos African
traditional dance ensemble 6/30
if I don't accomplish anything
else I'm going to learn Spanish
I've got to, I think my future
depends on it azúcar (sugar)
they whistle or make sounds
with their mouths in the Hotel
Sierra Maestra speak bluntly
about race that there are some
things we only keep in our
(Blk) culture that we don't
share with whites even in Cuba there is a code
will make an analysis on this
they use the small with straw
kids small juice to fill glasses
with collective living suits me
the best space I have always
communal being am drawn to
altars ornament and design
around the table divination
centric academic materials at
home all of these experiences
part of the social structure of
sacred performance African
choreography Haitian dance
groups of artists demonstrating
folklore traditions nationality
and identity Russia pulled out
determined value of folklore
a real spectator not as polished
Hernandez on Santiago strong
ontological view is comparative
ABAQUA=male gender specific
and secret Cubans do they carry
legacy Blk-White concepts USA
slaves protestant traditions
social structures push people
into categories reinforced by
allocation of resources privilege
a river before the Mayflower
1514 commit to paper
1620 communicate outside
1700s drop of hat knowledge
1750 standard English anyone
no apologies present full-fledged
sentences let sit don't justify
social code ethics discipline
ethics of fieldwork monísmo
(cute) bonito (real cute) maquiniti de afeitar
not one on top of another scholar entry Almaquí
modas y danzas agrupación de la Asociación Cubana
de Artesanos Artistas para mostrar la verdadera
esencia de nuestra cultura un espectáculo concebido
con una depurada téchnica y diseños entintados tejidosde
calidad Cubanas y Caribeñas Avenida Los Pinos #290
Esquina Cuavitas Santiago de Cuba 90500 Cuba Telef:
31469 Fax: 34372 E-Mail: fabian@ecsi.esatel.inf.cu /un
toque de magia momento
romántico en idiomas West
India 1901 or so day laborers
Casa de las Americas loopholes
Jamaican mother tongues story
bridge between life and death
the beautiful handsome Franco-
Haitian Blk woman raped by
master Sugarcane Plantation
and Fruit Company sacrifices
she sat at doorway held hands
altar elaborate mayombe woman
kiss on both cheeks invited sit
in living room Sonja long white
hallway two room blue curtains
with lace altar room on right
white candle kneel place candle
rice in another candle placed in
joint chairs lined in front altar
across hands ankle men begin
drumming cleansed sit in chairs
tablecloth white sheets held taut
like canopy powder dusted by
sheets note spirit house mental
illness water dropping plant just
filled white rum process drum
with hand sweets fruit asked if
he had the African names the sea
and the river actions of a yimaya
2-3 years initiated 6-7 months
inside house Days before during
and after no sex two years of
abstention 3 yrs preparation
initiation 3 months before and after
Santero-Yoruba no books for
singsong santeria experiences
Angel doesn't know which one
doesn't know Saint technician
the herbs make labor each saint
different herbs different labors
wants to go to Africa opening
ways bottle into house shrine
not orange yellow-orange pour
into cup for Santero wood cup
singing chorus drink strong by
each no wood gourd give over
to ground left hand raised right
crossed singing to sky rest of
liquid sprayed across around
they got the holy ghost did you
see any last night she appeared
serious faith Yoruban no Bantu
traces practices in Brazil easy
to sing along in response parts
directly no handling of rooster
don't remember place or ancestor
origins the man made invocation
to dead and ancestor not able
to name his ancestors Cubans
forgotten traditions translation
in Spanish Yoruba cult to dead
blind altar to inkisi sycreticism
Santeria and Catholic saints not
only one thing found societies
to make a national culture Bantu
mix communist / socialist Marx
Hebrew origin European language
African expressions protest ex-
pressions Creole new concepts
new words new world views
El Cobré copper end one Negro
boy found the image of the Virgin
went to bring Salt over wood
cult of the Virgin slaves property
crown of Spain copper works
100 years Congo croszado 15 kilo
first altar door open roads no
one taught him he was told by
the spirits ochun clarity of force
Madelaine nickname espirista
creolo yansa condoBle lansã angel
cross stood in center of room
(house) in front of large altar
positioned flush with back wall
left wall extending six feet angel
cross something pure saint I miss
being loved my being to love
and be loved I have no home
no Angola no free exchange
of mariquinha lembá burrows
country earth rural houses Bantu
Congo / Quibundo / Kikongo
casa de caribe candomblé macumba
Afro-loosing words CondoBlé
Angola Congo Mozambique
natividad O Cacumbá Inacio
Chico Rei Saint Iphigenaia
Zumbi Quilombo neigra mae
do bate folha inkisses orixas
historical data for campos de
horizontal line the limit the
border between two worlds
power coming from the union
an oath above the cross drawn
on the ground at the point
where the two lines cross
in case crossroads point of
intersection between living
the oath or truth not told
a simple transcendental
elemental physical energy
for us being physical energy
all beings resemble each
other physical energy is
the reality common to all
beings see each other as
a bundle sin does not exist
crossing fingers in front of
mouth and kiss making
an oath imagining new
world a mountain water
the upper world of living
" ntoto" the lower world
" mpemba" it rises and sets
worship in kisses faces of
nature forces of thought
temples are a static idea
1942 spark started first
time drums could be played
in public in Cuba secret
languages lopesbixorda
iron ore sculpture black
smiths weavers potters
wood stone drums Raimha
Nzinga Queen 17th century
empirical oral literature
no land only use cabodos
host cowboy patron rubber
processing macãdo lecture
aparacida saint Blk woman
folklore bordering on art
momument of José Martí
Gisèlle program schedule
ariel abuerto 1519 ontology
question of the existence
of being collective action
not common the African
event oriented time alive
and those soon to be born
physical / biological life
outside time is closer more
personal when past future
no-time what is unlikely
to occur potential time or
natural phenomena two
dimensional projections
numerical calendars only
events / phenomena yam
crops harvest time or date
day event month lunar or
named around event oral
tradition Sansa / Zamani
history / prehistory / myth
they no longer have names
they have empty names
the person who knew them
is dead soon after death
worst possible condition
those who die enter Sansa
departed dead are Zamani
God is the father and food
of all there is the origin
and sustenance "stuff" of
all power to make things
happen spatial acts rituals
sacrifices prayer offerings
a person's name in African
won't state they know they
know but they don't know
the Atlantic Slave Trade
nature incomprehensible
labor commodity immense
opportunities for division
of labor linked by Atlantic
Ocean 300 combinations
determine identity slaves
usurped Church authority
ontology the study of being
that undoing derived from
understanding beingness
not consciousness / cabuldo
collective being exists new
space ontology beingness
what does it mean to be
in Cuba understand what
cimarrones / runaways
where does consciousness
start absorb what I see
the West (Europe) reaped
the rise and wealth of
conquistadores 1520s
Tucumí western Nigeria
oluku mi=my friend
Allah became Obalalá
dialectical interplay
intermediary divinities
east of Volta river Sierra
Leone Liberia western
Cameroon capataz
(boss or overseer) Olofi
one of three aspects of
Olodumare who lives
in the sky with many
Obatala Virgin of Mercy
father of orisha, guardian
of order and tradition
peace and tranquility
Shango (Barbara) God
of thunder, lightning
and fire the wrath of
Olodumare, rules the
passions Oya (Virgin
of La Candelaria) guardian
of the cemetery, justice
and hurricanes Oshun
(Virgin of Caridad del
Cobre) patroness of love
money yellow metals
rules sex and marriage
Yemaya (Virgin of Regla)
goddess of the sea and
mother of the world
Eleggua (Holy Child
of Atoche) messenger
of all the orisha keeper
of doors and crossroads
rules chance, accidents
Babaluaiye (Lazarus)
power of illness Ogun
god of iron, war, sacrifice
Ibeji (Cosma and Damian)
protection against sorcery
Orunmila origin of life
on earth linked sequence
us and it / methodology
strip raw experience
convert it to words
account for events
document sequence
techno printing press
Googenhym Bible
ephemeral phenomena
such as language
social actors ways
what is landscape
broad sets link wide
spatially singularly
slavery labor making
socio-radical structures
scale the peoples
uprooting urban
only lower labor
constructs break
off and migrate
creation and re-creation
production and reproduction
formation and reformation
formulation and reformulation
definitionand redefinition
intersectional interrelatedness
ref. Ruth (my words) identity
a linking point consciousness
outside indeterminate identifiers
class - power - connectiveness
process and progress markers
Edward Kamau Braithwaite
look to the length of time
coalition when or (if) it does
implanted part of the dominant
a priori Being or Reality any
thing as it appears in Kant
nouemenon postulated per-
ception / event / occurrence
extraordinary essence of the
nature of the event (ontology)
in bottle sealed stomach pepto
Hepititus shots A and B
underclothing nothing heavy
cotton no synthesis skin
so soft King and Queen
dispensation to discontinue
condition of working class
in England debtors' America
tobacco mills
textile technology
sugar, cotton slavery
built an idea every
individual responsible
for their own soul 10m-20m
10m arrive 10m dead
Afro-Arabia 500 yrs how
the African has disappeared
africanize mintz Eleggia
Hueño de los Caminos sus
colones el rojo y el negro
su fiesta el 16 de Agosto
sincretiza con son Roque
museo de 11:31, 7/4/98
why I continue that would
never see him again some
one to love my heart wasn't
empty wonderful to be told
as if it were real and true
I am waiting and wanting
to be at that dark place
someone my entire only
even as if I were his
and he mine loneliness
verocity fake being / we
do not have true love
the men in Brazil would love me
my eyes are the color of honey
strong thinking about Antonio
I don't know ask her to deliver
a letter to him he will write back
maybe not never I know now
what I have is not enough
what I have had and what
I have is not enough love
and adornment is he here
in the U.S. or in another
country send my love to him
his love to me lie to myself
that what I have is enough
love as much as I can love
him or maybe a little more
Antonio Pacheco I miss you
impossible to concentrate
unable I want to be able to
hold his hand put your arm around me please
I have been dead all these years
I saw us walking hand in hand in Cuba
I wanted to be part of someone; love
someone to hold me like it was Beauty
can't make myself have sex anymore
there's nothing about him anymore
my university Spanish, all he had to do was love me
happiness hit me on the head
two glasses of wine, rum and cigar
two bottles of beer with the dancers
turnout okay think since think she
what Antonio would think if he saw
he might think too much stuff, he
doesn't want to play baseball in the U.S.
Dear Antonio, it was nice meeting you
I was probably just a great blow job
and nothing else like my life nothing
with me not understanding Spanish
and you not understanding English
thanks for the baseball and autograph
no way to reach you to give you this
no way to reach you to give you kisses
I will watch you on TV in Cleveland
when you play in Italy 7/19 note
find out from the Net the address
of the Cuban baseball team in Santiago
de Cuba and send a letter in Spanish
estoy enamorada
de tus ojos de tus
labios y de tu pelo
de tu andar cuando caminas
y de como tu sonrie
estoy enamorada de
tu gesto y de forma
porque eres tan dulce
como la míel
como un dios
del cielo estoy
enamorada porque eres tan hermoso
porque en el panal de tu cuerpos
hay celdas desconocidas estoy
enamorada porque eres creado
con el mejor pincel de un artísta
y en las anciasde tu cuerpo tienes
las líneas perfectas practices of truth
sacred sounds drumming songs
movements of Orisha sacredness
inside performance commonalities
allow me to come to your home
did he invite us into his worship
house about his beliefs we were able to ask
born with the gift that it is not something
that gets taught at the age of 15 he came
to understand he had a gift his worship
house contained an altar 12 x 7 ft and 12 ft
high graduated steps with objects on each
step three small altars to different orishas
angel sacrifices these things were not
chosen randomly given to him magically
by his Orisha Iván A. Otley Black
introduce at my request Iván A. Otley
Black of the West Indian Welfare Center
interpreted in Spanish my thanks
for allowing us to learn about Angel
took hold of my shoulders with his
hands and pulled me to him he took
his shoulders alternatively to mine
with no small force Angel during the drumming
she's got all the right lingo she veils
herself in chatter and rhetoric Cuba
7:54 a.m. blue-dark turquoise gas can
in trunk of taxi hose for gas moved
jack old spare tire beads hang from
rear view mirror beautiful people
beautiful pants beautiful palm trees
Congo Angola more 1/2 million Nigeria
1790-1840 200,000 late 1920 Jamaica
Haiti things source of power used for
good or bad both iron pot each family
has own pot some have absolute license
to enter elementary earth, river, sea,
rain 60k fighting in Angola sack over
shoulder learned from Cuban soldiers
transcultural Congo more than Spanish
African-American sugar mill plantation
impact ochún sensuality feminine
small bag of shells regla de ocha
bowl holding orisha not on ground
choose to be saints and those that are they are born to be
coconut chain falls cowry throw
shells open side down side stones
in horn red-black red-white red-blue
4th Congress Communist Party 1994
11/5 1843 largest slave rebellion
statues / killed / led revolt / leaders
we are dying daily slaves in slavery
Antonio Maceo (Blk) killed 1894
machete mango today triviorato
qualitative research method ob-
servation picture package world
bundle everything in discover
cosmos we have all within us
our physical body is the same
Contoblé trying to re-africanize
Congo scholar live in Boston
Laércio Messias de Sacramento
1847 1st floor slaves lived here
carriages storage of sugarcane
mid 70s commission of monuments
1st museum created by revolution
fine arts and painting AfroCuba
Baby Jesus eyes mouth moving
scarf black strap pink bra singer
dancer drummer prod sticks black
soft hot pink fuschia pink shiny
collar pink bra strips blue eyes
red shadow Antonio Maceo
fought 10 yrs 10 yr war 1878 slaves
fought in war free Antonio Maceo
refused to sign 1878 compromise
José Martí Cuban independence
sovereign 1893 Teddie Rough Riders
fought Blk San Juan Hill 2-3 months
USA declared victory USA declared
Cuba theirs Blk soldiers released
from USA army with no pension
segregation color troops civil war
the little war 1912 Oriente in mts
outside Santiago massacre 2500
Blk men red tile blue shutters
white ceiling shell holding door
nail bent rusted sign red and white
yellow, red and black, blue-red,
green, white burlap bow and arrow
symbolic wood small school green
and white happy yellow red-white
oya-wind entry century ah ajohose
taluua Babayombe blue and white
71 little child to open up remove
clothing coconut chain warrior
found secret fish river possessed
sometimes stands behind cult
blood one drop given to pot
gone to gossiping about secret
240 stories six verses teaching
not taken takes whole life study
message from spirits and ancestors
how to understand sacred calling
to be 240 object 1930 underline
throw cowry only one left on walk
still throw shells in Dahomey
cross over oyo ochose bow and arrow
gold and white homage to a house
I was invited into blue and white
blue accents of a palm tree white
and blue zigzag down column
each side black wrought-iron fence
around the porch in between columns
as I approached steps up from down
on to the sidewalk approx. two feet
and step down onto a cracked concrete
walk broken rocks stepped up one
small broken slanted step into home
I stepped into the home this step
a small landing across is a hallway
or kitchen-shrine I walked approx.
6 ft. to the opening doorway another
room instructed to take off my shoes
instructed to kiss both cheeks she
kissed back her skin warm and soft
I knelt in front of altar placed one dollar
into the offering after offering out of
room turn right what could be living
room past the kitchen by a blue turquoise
wall Rockefeller fruit and sugar 1920
starving no work organize strike sugar
workers campesinos Cuban sovereignty
nationality brought 1953 cadre oriente
Moncada museo historico comandancia
de las cuando el ataque a Giron majá de
Santamaría steel plate spoon kinte Bay
Pigs Baracoá Yateras no one knows how
many protect culture 10 yr war 1868-1878
ten years Chinese took new names came
to Cuba never was a Cuban-Chinese
traitor or deserter scholar ancient Bible
Egypt no vowels piece of a complete
name etymology before distinctions
Red Blk 1904 she/I century aptitude
for drums little boy saint Ellenga
forehead touch 1st day check in hotel
dinner chicken rice/bean fruit dish
swimming 2nd day sugar plantation
evening 2nd day AfroCuba museum
arch entrance steam stage train
association for the study of classical
Africa even cowgirls get the blues
soup--potatoes, yucca, tomatoes
always alive drum hands stick skins
like vowels like wine drum spirit
more important than just instinct
voice a other on just wasn't done
not for family lady in picture election
dialings folklore performances
4 years old preserve the traditions
not enough Congo then she said
also the greetings now are not the same
as in colonial times Jatibonico large
sugar mill and river hung someone
bring in speaks for you deep in entry
into their way what do they do short
term someone who knows green
and blue drummer and dancer entry
by other one month self into one year
must define what is it that (you) what
must be remembered observations
cannot observe listening must stay
name descriptive imperative Antonio
Pacheco 2nd base all in the face yoke
red flower green sash waist yellow
arms cross belt red-white-blue powder
headwrap white lace guy and blk
smile side to sip hairy chest beard
side to side with rhythm red-green
sash smile lace red flower Suzy choose
singer walked out holder her lace
sleeves hair wrap up sash red-yellow
green-red man smiling red gums
during transition shrug okay space
standing hat sash around neck
woman with space not sweating
talks with red polish on toes gold
color hundred to mother Lea light
trip sipping metal plate catching
smile laughing watching singing
waking and enact erect transition
fire sticks insects bite white table
after offering yes teeth man/woman
not 40-50s our bus arrived in at
our the bus across front the other
airway building the bus that drove
me to the Haitian Folklore across
from the building it was across from
the building/theater of our evenings
the bus turning next around the bus
I walked crossing having crossed
street stepped up onto curb walked
through white wrought iron gate
felicity of the evening tzizguan pots
raised above the first railing across
Mississippi the secret a Go-Go Grove
Renacer color of Blk and in Cuba
(midnight rambling) looked through
the arch and gateway and to my right
a raised stage/platform protruding
in a courtyard stage to right approx.
19 yards front the front of gate set
stool in front across arm the bar
" A" sugar factory/industry images
when came to Cuba did not think
they would stay in Cuba decided
to stay in Cuba make living speak
English as second language dancing
baseball 5th annual pentecostal 1st
August Glory Island Grupo he said
children speak English or at least
understand it idea teaching English
West Indian cooking experimental
couple from books now rice and peas
and coconut milk cornmeal use
all pots for fish Black Cake 1984
traditions green might fall the ripe
arms have to (teaching children)
celebration West Indian what they
gave them he has me 4 July gold
and etc. Giselle at monument of
José Martí highest point in city
collapse of socialist countries
sugarcane for next year severely
mining (nickel) mechanized two
fold large output crops yield high
everything connected to sugar
(protein, milk) market prices high
absorb gigantic warehouse boom
sugar lost cause--sugar can't make
money dollar ruling dreams too
high risky for people to come to
Cuba "And the people . . . " not
the problem must be measures
1993 worst year 1997 50 sugarcane
mills closed 250 total country
sugar mill in town 60 tons 1998
nickel biotechnology products
soil demolished rotating crops
no fertilizer no spare parts
11ml. 80% sugar, cattle Italy,
Germany, Spain strong ties
sovereignty 21 peso to One Dollar
the world does not identify
Cuba as White USA does not
want to rush to EDUCATION
decay of architecture Tim
thought Bob thought writing
to see Nick ignoring either
Terry use of 1st person I/We
ambiguity this morning
Nick: History
Tim: move to impressions
Sarah: bargaining
Linda: children in school
Butch: dollar visible
Sarah: pre-revolutionary
identity removed provide
only enough for 12-14 apts
16 about completed site build
in block 4-6 neighborhood
decides who gets housing
Shanty Town collective toilet
multidwelling for 17 units
structure in much disrepair
a family for the first time
had their own bathroom
ballet painting pantomime
try to break ghetto mentality
dirt floor in slums family
assembly of neighbors approve
appliances only available
in dollars Cubans only paid
in pesos 23-1 methodology
how to read and write
" uncomfortable friend"
one who is friend enough to tell you
the truth, diagnosis
of needs based on reality
a 3rd wld womans view
to listen need to listen
to everyone wherever
there is life there is
knowledge bureaucracy
difficult to maneuver
3 wks short time can
they come back name
MLK blk community
kids at daycare parents
working daycare sub
sidized ex. 3 pesos
month working class
work two cycles world
only working parents
pay for lunch library
borrow on a monthly
museum of the Revolution
building site ecclectic
style building diff.
styles merging 3-13-57
university students
attacked building
to remove Batista
31 out of 50 died
students attack died
1920 appears like
a photograph 100 years
ago or so a mural
marble pieces Cuba
lots of marble imported
from Italy 25 Fidel
(lawyer) 163 men
2 women attacked
Moncada 7/26/53
1000 soldiers young
people 70 killed Fidel
in prison 22 months
boat 82 men on board
1956 boat got stuck
Revolution jumped
into water 21 died
20 escaped 13 to
other countries
only 20 made it
to mountains 5
major leaders after
combat Fidel
Che to commander
climate control
building for boat
which transported
82 men yacht
delegates in acknowledgment
popular education congress
knew note taking more nodding
spoke on housing more nodding
moving forward this subject
of housing interests her eye
eyebrows raised tilted head
smiling AfroCuban god of
slaveowner cannot be god
of slaves good they like it
husband--YES!! essences
not soviet socialism atheism
came from Europe nodding
mention of God--notes--husband
the lady leaning forward invited
to rejuvenated by visit husband
Ruth physician (tears) charcoal
opened 90/91 good response
when he mentioned story w/ing
w/in com. for understanding
happy ending eyebrows up start
look to husband mentioned long
many many friends use name
as friend freedom in Oakland
in touch until Atlanta to review
MLK center in Ohio Oakland
City Council donated textbooks
She is music, systematic,
philosophy acts maths masks
other institutes teach here
art-math faculty exchange
university of Amsterdam
Haiti 250 eating every day
electricity and water supply
46% women beautiful to wk w/
family womans (mother churches)
Brazil, Poland, Mexico choir
folklore worship service Xmas
beach contrast difficult cannot
luggage frustration / lack of
control everything new / my
excitement foodstuffs tastes
smells noises burning landfill
language barrier great popcorn
small thing touching of children
child-playing-soldier sadness
elementary school 6th grade
room Fidel, Che Dutch teachers
(Tim) poorest school in Cuba
he has been to (Joe) English?
Martí said they need to know
English to know neighbor
teacher spoke poor English
USA random working class
poor we don't indoctrinate
TV does (what did we see?)
expression of boys face giving
orders marching stern Daisy
" Nosotros pioneros Cubanos
nos sentimos felices de que
visiten nuestra escuela" Barbara
started here Ohio Education
fabric torn Dutch pumping
us for info John Henry suspend
all disbelief how can I see
a world if I don't try to see
through another's eyes
check reality at the door
setting aside do interfere
socialism needs me to see better
to take up arms suspend mind
to release heart what was Cuba
to my why am I here not sure
I/We of course stay in Cancun
ambivalent about protective
about Cuba socialism for them
isn't that finally what everything
comes down to I'm standing
at the turnstile baggage ramp
see a man it must be his name
ask yes, "Well, the Journey
began our flight to Cuba
arrive at 11:50 or so the flight
7:00 p.m. or so objectives
completely out of my box
walk around airport for
more a year in the summer
return remain the same
then Joe, Bob, Tim and Me
we fly to Cuba--luggage lost!
We try to resolve the lost
luggage and fail we are tired
unfamiliar with each other
I am immediately now modern
and new the airport the bus
skipping bumpy back is painted
with a slogan "bannerwriting"
itinerary wrong--always problem
in Cuba expect the unexpected
roommate Sarah lovely big dirty
city just another big city Havana
fundamentals of physical life
huge problem of massive necessity
Daisy objectives the drive for
learning we have met with speak
precisely frivolous language
that is misspoken--made like
like U.S.--Cuban contemporary
scholastics in line w/ how to
reflect rethinking entered into
think society about property
ownership urban reform 90%
currently ownership of homes
new land reforms person who
works the land has right to land
liberation not same, revolution
at phenomenological level here
is a poetry of AfroCuban thought
human adventure faith it is not
ideology: self, hope, love = faith
faith in action by hope and love
philosophy idea of the intellect ate
they ate my people as if they were
bread, how do you live, relate to your
neighbor, an idea of God cannot be
master image of God as idea of God
every idea of God is an idol (interesting)
God is not an identity, you think God
and live God good as the idea of God
Doctor's office doctor-nurse
10 yrs family doctor 644
population of cure statistics
58 case highblood 32 diabetic
23 heart 47 asthma 4 [ ]
9 pregnant 30-40 babies any
risk smoking obese 15-47 women
sick (see stats) brain, accidents,
emergency, polio, 5 parameters:
document charting analysis
family / individual health
personal medical record family
and family income impact
on family pap smear / vaccination
prevention / healing / rehabilitation
prevention is health pap smear
program over 25 years monitor
tetnis, prenatal-natal every day
infant mortality occurs 8 app.
scheduled for pregnant women
orientation of pregnancy breast
feed 2nd app. 2 wks after 1st app.
together with specialist brought
determine risk 3rd consultation
prescribe tests "high tech" alpha
fetus protein test congenital mal-
formation 4rd ultrasound test-
fetus for malformation, twins?
is it on time 5th reassess Obayn
anaylze data 6th check tests
follow-up 7th / 8th schedule
40 wks no birth refer to hospital
to determine what to do how
do you visit home new born
babies up to 28 days see every day
vitamins (yes--at diagnosis--
prenatal tablets) test--20 wks
2 tablets once per day iron
20 wks same tablets twice day
after child born more vitamins
area clinic transport pregnant
women birth at hospital help
at hand to get medicine for
vaccines child born 1st vac.
at birth Ptelp B, tetnis, second shot
1 month 6 months 3 shots
(Linda commented same as
USA) baby 3 months 11 vaccines
follow-up in schools will trans-
port women to maternity home
when home conditions not good
(provide additional food) physician
and nurse prescribe treatment
depending on individual need
are there specialists (Dutch) yes,
teen pregancy single mothers
birth control yes 1) age 15-47 yrs.
target 2) patients risking pregnancy
Single Mothers Teenage Club
yes, w/ psy specialist they can
intervene AIDS in his municipality
AIDS risk groups promiscuity
AIDS sanitarium expensive city
medications (yes) 1) 2) materials
Tech. be for 85 lots of materials
now no disposable materials why
Cuba low teen/out of wed births
priority education/contraception
yes: body not prepared watch
period, cycle, pill, diaphragm,
condom, vasectomy, abortion
only if family agrees adoption
few "homeland children" working
hours about 24 hrs a day does
not live here who lives here
8-12 (lunch) 1-5 visit office bike
for visitations and hospital con-
tinuing education once per week
for babies problems occur 1-7 yr.
milk per day ration babies born
social worker part of staff Enrique
Valea Batista (KiKi) Babalero
Peñalver #416 Oguendo y Marquez
Gonsalez (Centro Habana) apt 1
overwhelmed out of control (Joe)
luggage distraction feeling
each day a little worse (Terry)
hard to understand, thoughts
not as clear (Bob) translating
thinking wondering (Nick)
translator like email sterile
(Tim) how do you listen as
a guest in another's country
(Bob) Dutch with child on lip
Sarah enjoyed Sergio verdadero
better dressed this year
emotional to worship here
Paul is painting a moving train
leprosy in bible not same as
AIDS agricultural cooperative
12 people w/10 plots 132.4
Hectares Gonzalez 1838 Hectares
acres sugarcane 838 cattle
138 livestock model 124
total 19 women 6 members
communist 7 young communists
secy communist party is Vet
beans, cassava, yucca, greens
growing season two seasons
spring season as early as 1/1 - 6/30
winter 7/1 - 12/3 total 4259.98 acres
2.4 acres Hectare 1 seed for sugarcane
is the sugarcane itself cane in winter
is sweetest irrigation this region
has good rain what was life like
in the countryside before revolution?
Terrible, she said born here as girl
most child in countryside no school
had to work early father paid only
12 cents per row large family
severe poverty no medicine, shoes,
literacy campaign taught people
over 40 lady in pink made of leaves
from palm trees electricity Yes
turnover, flow of people, Yes
sugarcane hard work machine
and oxen 18 pairs FESTIVAL
mechanic: practically everyone
engineer part of staff here crop
rotation every five years
Barbados Martis 10/6/76
named after Pan Amer games
bombing killed w/ bomb on plane
sugarcane field steel toe boots
sugarcane cutters cutting time
sugarcane weight after cutting
sugarcane maturity of cane
sugarcane have 150 days straight
four machetes used in one harvest
per person people from city
help w/harvest top cut cane
flower used for material for
kites, bird cages, light but strong
leprosorium Che hanging over
desk humble are never forgotten
200 patients happy to have us
diabetic high blood heart problems
diseases in under dev. countries
shoe shop on premises for otho-
pedic shoes Dec. 16-17 pilgrimage
for St. Lazarus Matthew 25 promise
of the presence of the Lord found
w/in those in greatest need
hermeneutics of context how
to use who we are to filter that
which is authentic to context
Tishie Ann! through the eye
of through the ear DISBELIEF
under thought that she would see
thought she thought telling her
home hermeneutics as we begin
U.S. socialist construction this
fall w/in my FAITH democracy
is a socialist concept wks paid
(pride) paid adequately for wk
women don't cut sugarcane
state all participate in Harvest
" saw a man" saw more communist
U.S. lie U.S. blew up plane
much emotion to discuss
what care of the people
meant to her psy hospital 1857
founded knowledge along hum
stigma of mental dumped un-
wanted brigades, industry, slum,
text named after Celia Sanchez
only those who were of no use
to society criminally insane
before revolution behind bars
w/ chains and locks 39 years
many words teach psycho ballet
patients participate in carnival
major splendor events pavillion
lots of Air and Light no row bedding
36 hectares total psycho ballet
instr. and chorus, piano, drums,
banjo, horns, triangle aria singer
mentally ill wedding ring theater
piano looks to be a wonderful hour
for her classical-soprano Cuban
sweet tenor salsa songs and drums
does he dye his beard--see roots
duet interaction between theory
and practice slip through what are
you most proud of "let's not talk
about resentment" children over
7 yr no milk, medication, Linda
reflection on young communist
" worthless slaves are doing what
we ought to have done" come
back to the cross, verse, dialogue
experiential dialogue open dialogue
where do we meet physicality?
meet in courtyard this is where
we have met before beginning
of invitation rec'd news here
new years eve baseball-field
people teachers to countryside
9/26/60 delivering speech
to U.N. 5 hrs Fidel illiteracy
and Revolution to the world
marxist-lenin who are learning
Jamaican Haitian language
barrier "we shall overcome"
name of lesson plan exercises
vowels provided hammock
manual departed from baseball
field lantern, pencils, nighttime
teaching Time joined Workers
in labor come back better men and women
" Cuba sera el primer pais de america
que a la vuelta de algunas meses
pueda decir que no tiene un solo
analfabeto" 1962: Adult Ed system
" what then is free" martyrs tortured
she old letter 9-26-61 said Dr. Fidel
Castro "I love you" signed w/ name
and not thumbprint 1961 42 people
killed by groups led by CIA Ascunce
departed from Verdadero 16 city boy
tortured 14 piercing in body dragged
hanged before dying ask who are you
" teacher" light of culture-symbol literacy
China's lanterns, torches, boats,
Bay of Bigs 4/17-4/19 teacher
taken prisoner 19 year old girl
loand onto open air with bus cargo
trains packed tight pencils why
is Che deified GO TO SLUMS
AND FIGHT homeland singers fade
apostle of Tenderness and Science
unity of all Trade Union Youth 2/59
high impact to whom are we called
subject of someone else's history
and the object of our own subject
to subject justice presence here
of Prophet Cuban sunshine work
in morning nap in afternoon how
to make own may not have all
have Dignity all love nature
brothers and sisters
life, enthusiasm, strength
staunch pillar of her paint
her time at the beginning
forger of José Martí art piece
was a tree in way of a bed
humble compost compose
food, house, medicine Love
head up hands in pockets
separate winds male/female
harvests per yr. 3 eyes
built homes 250k people
vicinity sympathy supply
foment and stimulate
insurrection necklaces,
shells, ceramic figurines
who we are in the story
we are worthless slaves
later you may eat drink
back row of choir no one
passages offer a lot from
where we came and where
we are going doing what
we ought to have done
weeping for our departure
pressure against other
to deter concrete-wood
windows dimensions 72
square meters 600 sq. ft.
4 units up and down the
terrace offset not prefab
sound used as foundation
slums feel like a voyeur
child running alongside
following bus departing
today 12-11-98 taking
pictures packing cigars
it's time to go hot, numb,
hoping don't forget I know
the heavens think this
glad going my desire
to continue relation
comm. loving we
have done and Joy
more to do to little
not sure what feeling
or thinking what was and is
" He (I) need to do
they want their cake
and eat it too Yasmine
thinking about how
tell my amigos what
it was like--hot, tired,
hungry work is working out
right wondering if it
is snowing telling the
story the word "friend"
Angel what happens
listen to music hard
psycol. numb for 2-3
years after wonders
receive a letter from
her that special rel.
have been receive
letters bus is silent
always silent may
be read "my house
is your house" SI