duration press -- international poetry

Kevin Magee

In San Francisco, Kevin Magee published TEDIUM DRUM in 1994 in an edition of 300 xeroxed and stapled copies under the imprint of Avery Burns' "lyric &" press, sharing production costs, and in 1995 self-published under the press name Hypobololemaio, RECENT EVENTS, in an edition of 500 copies (336 pages, offset printing, perfectbound). A lot of the work in these two collections originally appeared in Hambone, Conjunctions, Avec, Sulfur, Mirage, Chain and The Capilano Review's feschtshrift for Robin Blaser. Selections from the first two books have also appeared in the following anthologies:Gertrude Stein Awards in Innovative American Poetry (Sun & Moon, 1994), Primary Trouble (edited by Schwartz, Donahue and Foster, Talisman House), and Writing from the New Coast (edited by Spahr and Gizzi, o-blek editions).



The Second Declaration of Havana