Close (here, as it is,
to look at one piece of fruit.
There is a labrynth
suspended from a line above the water.
The clouds do not imagine.
There is the leaving alone until it rots.
Near amusement, one leaves through the open door.
The incident remains in the background. Close)





To reach degree zero, asphyxiation. For a moment.
On paper enveloped by limited restoration of rights





On an afternoon expecting 'Mercy-Music Valley'
I am looking at the word
'Cold Mist Valley'.
Dogs secretly eat
the children in the mist.








The Takayama railway had an accident again today
Two dead were turned up
one of them whom I know
as always
I write 'one of them I know'.





(To go through 'Cold Mist Valley'
so I am ordered)





Supple second meeting, that word met again
second meeting's trace here falling.
To begin speaking
Like a forged painting too close