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Inagawa Masato

Inagawa Masato both shocked and impressed with the opening lines of his first book of poems written 1974-76. With this collection he introduced a degree of fragmentation and literary doubt hitherto unknown in Japan. Inagawa is highly respected as both poet and critic by the younger avant-garde writers. He has published two books of criticism (one dealing primarily with film and pop culture), and six books of poetry. His concern with the relationship between poetic discourse and contemporary consumer culture (the commoditization of language) is similar to that of the Language poets in the U.S., but Inagawa retains an essential commitment to the lyric intent of the poem. His critical writing appears from time to time in well-known literary journals such as Gunzo, edited by the internationally known deconstructive critic Kojin Karatani. Inagawa announced his plans recently to found a magazine of his own devoted to both poetry and film criticism.


For a Biography of the Redeemed (tr. Eric Selland)