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Andrew Maxwell

Andrew Maxwell works as a lexicographer in Los Angeles, CA. With Macgregor Card he edits the literary magazine The Germ, and hosts the Poetic Research reading series from the Laboratory in downtown LA. As impoverished impresario and arts activist in the Bay Area, he acted as curator for the Flickering Frame Film Society and director of music programming at the radio station KZSC, where he also produced 92 episodes of an experimental radio serial called "Outside, My Strange Attractor." His writerly output includes two poetic "miniatures", The Shrink and The Last Performance, and a forth-coming chapbook, Window's Arbor. Poems have appeared or are near at hand from Angle, Skanky Possum, and Elizabeth Robinson's Ether broadside series. You can catch him locally as moppet percussionist and new music mallet-horse for the groups Open City and Ensemble of the Thirty-One Birds.


A Legend

The legendary bird

The Mother Available

The Venus Transit