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the breath and our angle of carriage
the well and the implications of draught
the chronology and the fading of color
the singular resolution of branch
the search and our pace towards archaic
the representation of gull and the essential nothing
the explicit form of critique and non-objective will
the development of influence on stealth
the emblem within the emblem from a distance
the gesture and space
the tam
the formulation of mind and the more important damage
the typescript and the machine of
the big and the elementary and the preparation
the quarterly and the devilish montage
the ship and any typewriter ribbon
the resulting deliberation as posed for culture
the handfuls of rice
the clause in special extremity and the cause
the slowness of notion and the earlier homage
the paradox shimmering on the cuff
the motif biographic and the biographic rushes
the development of foyer and the incarnation
the emergent abyss
the testimony and the distance from each claimant
the primary movement of time alone
the sum of insults and the favor of or if
the noise of application and the democratic
the matrix and the leaves
the last degree and the reneged trace of memory
the child's map and the child
the simple statement and its reversal
the vegetable in humiliation and the search for trees
the fish and the reflection
the corridor
the bidden time and the instance of discovery anyway
the events cast in imperative correspondence
the walk and displacement
the entire darkness translated into grayness
the rising ambiguity having let down the scale
the and of work and the work of the and
the made typical gesture and the favor of outside
the glare of distraction and category
the mystery concentrated and the various unextended
the grime and the villages
the rehabilitation and the flight beyond my sight
the area of ancient forms