duration press -- international poetry

Hoa Nguyen

Hoa Nguyen lives in Austin, Texas where she teaches creative writing. She co-edits the magazine Skanky Possum (available from Small Press Distribution) with Dale Smith. Her work has appeared in various journals and in An Anthology of New (American) Poets (Talisman House, 1998). A chapbook, Parrot Drum, is from Leroy (2000), & Your ancient see through was published in 2002 by Subpress.


The yelling father makes metered babies

Jealous    all the pissy things

Full moon is Scorpio

Shop & see fresh goat cheese

Calmly grass becomes a wave

Underwater flower

Let me be a meaningful soul

A night at the beach     what is left 

Pastel lapel   Pretend Erase

You have your ancient see-through