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Why serve as apologist
                                                 to the queen

                                                                              inside queenly beautiful gaze

Fey and weightless
                                                 as volcanic rock
                                                 her eyes carried over

                                                                                             in a circle game
                                                                                             whose own craft

        fuses some long forgotten surface
        to a conception of the lovely
        the erupted

Relief: gorgeous devastation. Reconstituted in a buried story that royalty in
the remainder let air be sloughed of itself

                                                        Abolish cartography for physiology

                                                        Immolated in the incessant rain,
                                                        throne devoid of warmth, natural
                                                                    dryness of scepter

Nursing or blank--
                                                         let the leftover portion neatly overturn

The hem, gone scaffold, slouch, seaworthy affront overrun


Good-bye to the shoulders which hold up the world


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