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Jerome Rothenberg

Jerome Rothenberg is the author of numerous volumes of poetry, including Poland, 1931, That Dada Strain, A Seneca Journal, Vienna Blood & Other Poems, The Lorca Variations, Khurbn & Other Poems, Seedings & Other Poems, The Paradise of Poets (all from New Directions) & Gematria (Sun & Moon, 1994).

He is also the editor of such groundbreaking anthologies as Technicians of the Sacred (revised edition, 1984, University of California Press), Shaking the Pumpkin (revised edition, 1990, University of New Mexico Press), Revolution of the Word: A New Gathering of American Avant-Garde Poetry (reprinted, 1998, Exact Change), & co-editor of America, A Prophecy: A New Reading of American Poetry from Pre-Columbian Times to the Present (with George Quasha; Random House, 1973), Symposium of the Whole: A Range of Discourse Towards an Ethnopoetics (with Diane Rothenberg; University of California Press, 1983), &, most recently, the monumental two volume Poems for the Millennium: The University of California Book of Modern & Postmodern Poetry (with Pierre Joris; University of California, 1995, 1998).

A prime mover in Ethnopoetics, he co-edited the journal Alcheringa with Dennis Tedlock, & the journal The New Wilderness Letter, the eleventh issue of which was re-published as The Book, Spiritual Instrument by Granary Books in 1996.

He is also a noted translator, having translated works by Kurt Schwitters, Federico Garcia Lorca, & Paul Celan (having introduced Celan to American readers in his anthology New Young German Poets, published by City Lights in 1959).


The following works are available in the Alcheringa archive:

Praises of the Bantu Kings

The First Horse Song of Frank Mitchell

Praises of Ogun

Ayahuasca Sound Poem

Ritual Poem # 1

A Song of the Sweet Smelling Love-Grass

The Birth of the War God

"Acts of Saint John": The Round Dance of Jesus

Seneca Journal 5

For Breyten Breytenbach in Prison

Pre-Face to a Symposium on Ethnopoetics