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Rosmarie Waldrop

Rosmarie Waldrop is the author of numerous books of poetry including Nothing Has Changed (Awede, 1981), Differences for Four Hands (Singing Horse Press, 1984; second edition paradigm press, 1999), Shorter American Memory (paradigm press, 1988), Peculiar Motions (Kelsey St. Press, 1990), Blindsight (Instress, 1998), Well Well Reality: collaborations (with Keith Waldrop) (The Post Apollo Press, 1998), & Reluctant Gravities (New Directions, 1999), as well as two books of fiction, The Hanky of Pippin's Daughter (Station Hill, 1987) & A Form/ of Taking/ It All (Station Hill, 1990). She is also an important translator, having translated the bulk of Edmond Jabès, as well as work by Paul Celan, Jacques Roubaud, Friederike Mayrocker, Elke Erb, Anne-Marie Albiach, & Joseph Guglielmi.

With Keith Waldrop she edits Burning Deck Press, & its Serie d'Ecriture, an annual of French poetry in translation, & Dicthen=, a series devoted to translations from German.



Cosmogony, Cloned

Lawn of Excluded Middle (via the out of print archive)


Emmanuel Hocquard; from A Test of Solitude: Sonnets