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Spencer Selby

Spencer Selby was born in 1947 in Iowa City, Iowa, & studied Political Science, Psychology and Film History at The University of Iowa. In the mid-80's he started SINK Press in San Francisco, & coordinated The Canessa Park Reading Series from 1987-93. In 1993 he created The List of Experimental Poetry/Art Magazines. This list is a noncopyrighted, freely circulating document that tracks small press publications throughout the world.

His publications include Instar (San Francisco: SINK Press, 1989), Barricade (Providence: Paradigm Press, 1990), House of Before (Hartford: Potes and Poets, 1991), Sound Off (St. Paul: Detour, 1993), No Island (NY: Drogue Press, 1995), The Big R (NY: Angle Press, 1998), Task (Tenerife: Zasterle). He also has two books of visual work: Stigma (Oakland: Score, 1990) and Malleable Cast (Cleveland: Generator Press, 1995). His art has appeared in a number of group shows, and he is co-editor of the visual poetry magazine Score.



If Possible


No Time

five visual poems